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- written medical in March 28, 2000 in hubei province was established QianJiangShi, is a fully integrated private enterprises, committed to the development, production and management of all kinds of disposable medical equipment, products are exported to Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, southeast Asia and other nearly 20 countries and regions. The CCCPC political bureau &secretary of CPC, the hubei provincial party committee secretary YuZhengSheng, former governor of hubei province LuoQingQuan many times to overcome written medical inspection, remember to overcome the development of medical treatment gives the full affirmation. The world trade organization (wto) director-general Mr Lamy in guangzhou PanMingXue cordial met with the chairman of the board of directors, to overcome remember the quality of the products which have given the full affirmation, encourage - remember to the European Union medical output more quality products. Through more than ten years of hard work and hard work, overcome by a written medical has the little-known small business development become a national important production base, has successively been QianJiangShi people's government recognition as the key large taxpayer.

Let me take this opportunity, to our customers, distributors, suppliers, and all - remember the staff thank, thank you have achieved today's - written medical.
As early as in 2002 in May, the world famous product certification bodies Germany TUV sent someone to come to our factory to review and issue the hl-tech corporation quality system certificate; In March 2004, the state food and drug administration (FDA) sent a man to come to my factory to a week factory audit, the company successfully passed, become the first company in hubei province by American FDA review of similar enterprises; Then in early 2006, we have to American FDA application and approval, becoming China's first American FDA designated epoxy ethane and steam sterilization contractor.
After the founding of the first year, our annual sales only but 5 million yuan. By the end of 2010 the tenth anniversary of the enterprise, our technical strength improved significantly and become the ministry of health national standards drafting unit; The enterprise strength significantly enhanced, liability ratio less than thirty percent, realized the annual sales of 150 million yuan, the export over $twenty million; Become China's medical dressing export of the leading enterprise, has been China's foreign investment association awarded the national many times "hasang" award, the people's government of hubei province was awarded the hubei foreign investment "excellent enterprise" title, has successively been QianJiangShi people's government recognition as the key large taxpayer, wins record card was named for the hubei province famous trademark.
To ensure that the quality of our products consistency, keep our product price competitive, provide more high value-added products and value-added service, is our persistent efforts! In our combat-worthy team, in our creative research and development centers, in our sustainable development of the infrastructure and production capacity, wins the good vision must be written medical will come true.
Friends, no doubt that you have achieved today's - written medical, with your help, just had our success, our success is your success. Thanks again!

                                                                                                                 Chairman: PanMingXue